Fat Asian Ass For A Shorty

(This model was 19 years old at the time of filming)
  Apr 30, 2013


Dear Diary – Day of confusion… Jita told me she had a friend who really wanted to pose for me. Of course I invited her to come over. She did, an hour late but she brought me a cute girl. Not really special, but OK. Seems short n cute, and sporting a nice little Fat Asian Ass for someone of her height. Intriguing.

We talked a little and then she said that she didn’t want to make pictures, only boom boom… hmm! Jita didn’t explain well. But then, she said, no problem, I have another friend. I was skeptical, of course, and was almost kicking them out when suddenly another girl came in, named Febi. I fell in love, immediately! Jita left and even said she was jealous seeing me like this. It was clear to her that I liked this girl, too much. We started to take pictures where she was posing nicely and the more she was taking off her clothes, the more I fell in love with her.

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For some reason, she looked very Filipina to me. The best part still had to come when I started to lick her pussy. She got horny within a second and before I realized it, she was sucking my dick like a champion.

Man, what a great girl! Beautiful body, tight pussy and perfect boobs with big nipples and a nice Fat Asian Ass that was fun to watch jiggle in doggiestyle. A dream girl. I instantly wanted her to become my GF. She even gave me a beautiful smile when I told her that.

The rest of the story, you already know: I fucked her in all of my favourite positions and creampied her like a pro. When she left, I was almost heart-broken but I realized that I better not start again with a new GF… life is unfair!! 😉

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