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(This model was 19 years old at the time of filming)
  Jun 8, 2013


Dear Diary – My second day in Paris. Time to visit the Eiffel tower! Great place, many tourists and some Asian but no real opportunities for me to get into some action. After a long day in the city, I went back to my hotel not knowing what to do tonight. At the lobby, I found a flyer for a party tonight, an ASIAN party!! Of course, I couldn’t miss that one! So, I took the subway to the centre of the city. Once I arrived at the place, there was a funny-acting Asian girl behind me and she liked to pose for my camera.

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I knew that this was already an interesting target. I lost her once I was inside, so I thought I should go look around to find something better, maybe. But, I was a little disappointed by the audience. More French chicks walking around. Sexy, yes, but I want yellow pussy and some Asian Cowgirl Sex. There is something wild about a little brown fucking machine doing all the work on top. Am I right?

Once on the dance floor, I saw that first girl again. She looked skinny, sexy and horny as hell. I started to dance with her and she kissed me. So, I grabbed her ass and so on.

We had a drink, danced again and then I decided to ask her to join me, which she did! This was very promising! Once outside, I understood that her name was Julie and from a Vietnamese background. She started to act horny, once in my hotel, posing and showing me her ass. It went so easy and fast! I got even more excited when she told me that she came to Paris to work as a model for catwalks and magazines. I was not surprised. Models are freaking horny sluts! That’s why she was so tall, skinny and at ease in front of my camera. Just 10 minutes later I was licking her pussy and she was sucking my dick… big time!

My favourite moment in this encounter was when she came and squirted and tied with when giving me her best Asian Cowgirl Sex treatment. My second favourite moment was to fuck her, in doggiestyle. That skinny ass! Not as nice as Jubjang’s Tiny Asian Ass, but still damn fine!

I creampied her all the way, 2 times! When we finished, she seemed in a hurry to leave. She wanted to go party, again. WHAT A SLUT!!!

Thank you Paris!

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