Tiny Asian Butt For My Sperm

(This model was 21 years old at the time of filming)
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  Jul 4, 2014


Dear Diary – I wanted to score tonight and decided to go to the backpackers street, Bui Vien, where there are many bars and girls hanging out in discos, like the GO2. I went to a disco and a MILF came to me immediately. Her name was Yen. I talked with her and told her that I was really looking for a younger girl to fuck. She understood and wanted to help me after a few drinks (probably to get free drinks and someday fuck me too!). We sat outside to have the last drink when she called a good friend of hers, a “very cute young girl with a Tiny Asian Butt”. 10 mins later, the girl arrived. Her name is Ly, a 21yo. Man, what a beauty! Excellent blind date skills this woman had, right? That is what I wanted. Exactly what I love! A lovely innocent face, very Asian looks, small body and petite parts. She agreed on making pictures, to my surprise. I immediately took her home. Didn’t want to waste any time! And neither did she, she wanted my white dick!

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Once in my room, I was even more surprised by how beautiful she was and how easy she was to pose. After all the bad stories about Viet girls, this was a real gift. Once she was naked, with those skinny legs, hairy pussy and small tits exposed… my dick was ready to explode! I ate that pussy and she gave me a wonderful BJ. Look at the way she was kissing my dick… smoothly, with her under-lip. Epic! But then… condom. Honestly, I am not going to complain. This was the first true Vietnamese conquest for you guys and her seeing that smooth Tiny Asian Butt was enough to make me blow my load, with no issues. A real beauty with a great attitude! I could not convince her to do bareback, but yeah… great fuck and a great girl!

Happy I’ve said no to all the Asian MILFs lately. I just wanted a real cute young girl like this Asian Teen to start in Vietnam. A trophy to be proud off. So here she is.

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