Funny Asian Names

  Dec 19, 2015

Funny Asian Names

Just a short little report about funny Asian names. An Australian man named Joe Carr created a Facebook account with the Vietnamese name Phuc Dat Bich. Facebook did not prove his choice for name and threw him out.

Now, this was a funny story about a man, with Asian ancestors, using a name that could exist in Vietnam. Even this was a hoax, when we visit Vietnam and Asia in general, we sometimes do come across funny and sexy names.

In India, there is a name close to be pronounced as Suck Deep, and I already have friends in Vietnam called Phuc and Dat so I think the name Phuc Dat Bich could exist as a real name.

The picture shows another example of a funny Vietnamese name found at a coffee shop in HCMC, Saigon, district 1.

And remember; In HCMC, all these things listed at the poster inside a taxi cab are forbidden: Do not smoke, do not bring dog, weapon or explosives and do not fuck there….

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