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Duration: 38:57

Dear Diary,

As promised, I went early to Soi Nana to pick up the girl I really liked yesterday. I was too early (7:30 pm) and the bar was not even open yet, but they let me in anyways. It’s neat because now you can see how a bar looks like without the red lights. Da was already there and came to have a drink with me and another sexy bargirl that I would like to shoot another time as well. When the bar finally opened up at 8pm, Tuy also arrived. She had a sexy dress on and was all ready for the shoot. Da came with us to the room as she was not in the mood to work at the bar. As simple as that.

I started to shoot Tuy once in my room. She’s a delicious super petite 24yo bargirl with an amazing and sexy small ass. I could not stop making pics of it and even started to eat her pussy before she got undressed. I just wanted to fuck that tight pussy of hers. This was really wonderful.

Da waited in the bathroom while I was banging her friend. Da hoped to be part of the game but I was not so much into her. I only wanted to fuck Tuy. Later on, I made her take off her dress and I creampied her. Nice to fuck a good bargirl once in awhile. 🙂

It’s almost Christmas and New Years, so I am going to do some shopping in the coming days to try and find some normal girls and students. I’ll do my best.