Muscle, Masculinity and Testosterone

  Feb 2, 2016

Muscle, Masculinity and Testosterone

Increase Your Muscle, Masculinity and Testosterone with these easy Steps, by Dr Ted Broer

I have spoken about this topic before, but this time I am approaching it from a different strategy. Men, if you care about keeping low body fat and increasing muscle mass, if you care about how you feel, and if you want to maintain motivation, and have top energy and libido, please continue reading. Women, if you want your man to have all of the above, please continue reading. Let me start off by sending you to . This picture was taken when I turned 55. Today at the age of 59, I am in even better shape. The reason I am telling you this is to let you know that I practice what I preach.

This newsletter will cover the four things that men do on a regular basis that can massively decrease testosterone. Each of these items will be covered briefly. Many of you have let me know that extremely long emails take too long to read and that you prefer the information given to you in a summarized format. That is actually easier for me since it doesn’t take as much time. Quite frankly, when I read a new article I also like it concise. The only problem I occasionally run into is that it is in some cases it is difficult to break down a complex scientific topic. But today, as always, I will do my best.

One of the biggest problems that men have today is a massively reduced testosterone level, which loses muscle mass as well, which, in many cases, causes an extremely lowered sperm count followed by infertility. Male sperm counts have dropped precipitously in the past 50 years globally. There are reasons this has happened. A study of over 10,000 men published in 1992 in the British Medical Journal showed the following: Worldwide we have had a 50% reduction in sperm count. In addition, the percentage of men with extremely low sperm counts has almost tripled in the past 70 years. So what is going on?

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Well, if you have been reading my newsletters you already have a hint. By the way, this trend of lowered sperm counts has continued since 1992. Today, the average sperm count of a 30 year old man is less than 25% of a man who was born in 1925. Well, I guess I finally have your attention…especially if you have been plagued by infertility. Men from a testosterone and sperm level count have literally become a shadow of what they were 100 years ago. I have asked this question before, “What has happened to all the Alpha males?” Or “Why are there so many Metro Men today?” Well, today you are going to get the answer… according to Ted.

I don’t know why it was done, but it has been done and has been supported by governments around the world. Some folks feel that it’s become part of Agenda 21, which is a global effort to reduce the population of the planet, among other things. What better way of reducing the population than to decrease fertility? It is an Interesting theory, but I am not going there in this email. I am simply going to tell you what to do to fix it. Real Alpha males are an interesting bunch, and they come in all sizes and ages. Hollywood depicts them as John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Russell Crow, and James Bond types. I personally like the Bible ones like David, Moses, Abraham, and the Apostle Paul. I believe that the super macho attitude ones of Hollywood are not the quintessential example of what an alpha male should be, but I do enthusiastically prefer them to Boy George, Elton John etc.

Well, guess what? More and more evidence seems to be pointing to testosterone levels. More evidence is suggesting that the lack of testosterone is causing a lack of alpha males. Low testosterone in a male makes him less confident, less of a risk taker, less able to make decisions, and in many cases less successful at work, unless they are in a support rather than a leadership position. Put bluntly, Testosterone is a vital ingredient for success in most males. Now before you get mad at me, I need to tell you that I know a lot of men with high testosterone who, in the long run, have not excelled at a three dimensional life. Back in the 90’s I spoke to a group in Atlanta of around 25000 people. One of the other speakers was Evander Holyfield. I spoke to him for several hours, and he is a great guy. When I shared the platform with him he was heavyweight champion of the world. Needless to say, he is an alpha male. Since his fighting days are gone he has run into financial difficulties. I just read online a few weeks ago that he has eleven children from different women, and he is over 300,000 dollars behind in child support… and he may be looking at jail time… according to Yahoo news. This is all very sad to me. I liked Evander. I also realize that success can be measured from a plethora of variables.This is not the intent of this email. Today I am just looking at testosterone levels.

So, here are some simple statistics from the University of Cambridge. A study there showed when there is more testosterone, there is more financial success. It seems that men with higher testosterone have more confidence, are more self assured, and are actually likely to get more dates. As men age their testosterone levels drop and their estrogen (female hormone) goes up. Well, that’s the pits! Then, when that happens, you, the male, in some cases get larger breasts, rounded hips, etc. As if a waning sex life and lowered sperm count wasn’t enough, now you start to take on the secondary sex characteristics of a women. They call this stage of a man’s life andropause… or the pause of the androgen (male) hormone. This, in some cases, can contribute to a man’s mid- life crisis. When you combine these two, andropause in men and menopause in women, you get a spike in divorce rates.

Imagine that! Another interesting study from the Journal of Psychological and Personality science found that higher testosterone guys had more charisma and more girlfriends. This was particularly evident to me as an adolescent. I was placed into school a year early due to my high test scores. I don’t recommend doing that to a male unless you home school. For the first 15 years I was physically behind most of the other boys as far as growth and physical abilities. Quite frankly, it was awful. Finally at fifteen, I had a massive growth spurt and hit the weights. All the weight training paid off, and I still train regularly today. In high school I quickly noticed how most of the girls were attracted to the older higher testosterone guys. I quickly learned that growing up was not fair. That society favors the strong. But, testosterone and Hgh are a lot more important than for just being popular. They are two of the primary hormones responsible for lean body mass, lean muscle, muscle tone and body fat levels.

Plus, testosterone levels can directly affect the size of the male reproductive organ and in many cases, a direct impact on libido. Lowered testosterone can also cause nervousness, depression, memory problems, concentration difficulties, irritability, decreased athletic performance, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and insomnia. Sadly, in most cases most forty- plus men who are having these problems don’t realize that lowered testosterone can be the culprit. Most men at the age of 60 have testosterone levels about one third of the peak levels he had in his 20’s. So let’s discuss the cause of all this lowered testosterone.

The number one reason:

A. The use of BPA in the food supply. You simply cannot wrap your food and drink your bottled water in BPA lined containers. Here is a link I wrote several weeks ago on this topic: BPA toxin

B. Do not use herbicides or pesticides where you and your family can come into contact with them. These compounds are Xeno estrogens…They are deadly and they feminize men. Use boric acid if you have roaches, putting it in the wall under cabinets and under sinks etc. It actually suffocates the roaches, but it doesn’t poison them.

C. Do not microwave food and if you have too, never microwave plastic.

D. Never use soy milk or soy products…More Estrogen. See my report “Does Soy Turn Little Boys into little Girls”. Remember, in some cases the female hormone estrogen level in a 54 year old male can be higher than estrogen levels in a 59 year old woman. So why use products that increase estrogen levels? The answer is DONT!

Also remember, estrogen is primarily a female hormone. When it is elevated in men it decreases testosterone levels. The number two reason: Stress. Let’s face it; the USA is in a debt mess. Regardless of your party affiliation, no one in Washington is getting the job done. Except maybe Ron Paul, but the media won’t give him any attention. Stress elevates cortisol… Cortisol makes you store body fat and decreases testosterone. Stress can be linked to 80% of diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and of course, lowered testosterone.

What to do to Increase Your Muscle, Masculinity and Testosterone

a. Take antioxidants (A,C,E, Selenium and D3)

b. Drink purified (distilled) water out of glass not plastic

c. Don’t eat in front of the TV

d. Learn to relax, pray or meditate.

e. Try not to put too much negative info in your brain…I am not talking about truth…Just all the negative lies and propaganda from the TV. Better yet, turn off the TV and get your news from the Internet.

The number three reason for lowered testosterone: Cell Phones. Hey, a cell phone is basically a mini- microwave. It has been linked to brain cancer (glioma) and a host of other problems. Plus, don’t leave it in your pants pocket next to your private parts. They don’t need micro waving.

My Chevy truck came with an interconnection to my cell phone and it’s basically hands free. I leave the cell phone in the back seat so as not to be so close to it. Try to never put the cell phone next to your head, but use the speaker phone. According to Tim Ferris in his book “The four hour body” cell phones can lower testosterone. I haven’t seen a research study done on this, but I do understand microwave energy. I personally believe that this theory is plausible enough to take a precaution.

The number four reason: Diet and Lifestyle choices. Almost everyone in America who doesn’t use supplements is deficient in some nutrient. A. Take testoplus testosterone support and tongkat ali or tribulus. It is a clinically- tested product that has been shown to increase testosterone in patients. B. Take HGH stimulate. It massively increases libido in men. Along with the supplement tribulus fuel. C. Take 1600 IU of mixed tocopherol E daily. D. Take 80 mg of Zinc a day. This is a proven supplement regime. I use it… It is amazing what it does and how quickly it works. E. Fill out the testosterone questionnaire included with this report F. Read the newsletters I have written on line G. Follow my “Eat, Drink, and be Healthy” program H. Exercise 4 to 6 days a week. Use my exercise videos. Don’t exercise for more that 40 minutes at a time. I. Reduce stress. Let Go and Let God. J. Get more sleep! K. Slow your schedule down. You control it… don’t let it control you. L. Stay off soy products. As far as I am concerned, it is a female hormone supplement.

Do all of this and you too can: Increase Your Muscle, Masculinity and Testosterone

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