Hairy Asian Fuck With Super Skinny Thai

(This model was 19 years old at the time of filming)
  Mar 17, 2016


Dear Diary – So, only had one day in town and was very ambitious to score some nice pussy today. And guys, I just did it. Almost 20 minutes after leaving my room, I entered a coffee bar and saw a very cute girl sitting alone. She looked like a Filipina, to me. I did not hesitate and sat at the table next to her. She looked at me and I immediately started to talk to her, making compliments about her clothes. She was shy, but for sure open for a conversation.

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Turned out to be a 19yo girl from Bangkok (not a Pinay) working as a saleslady in a mall close by. She had her day off and was waiting for a friend there. Her name is O. We talked and later her friend also arrived, but she was kind of ugly and I did not even ask her anything. My goal was to take O with me and to my surprise, she agreed. In fact, that friend only had to bring her something back and was in a hurry to leave. I was really lucky here. So, I asked O to make some pics in my room, and she said yes. Not a surprise as she was already giving me plenty of signs that she liked me. Hell, she even divulged to me that she doesn’t shave downstairs too see if I minded… so it was nearly in the bad, as far as I was concerned. One Hairy Asian Fuck, coming right up!


In my room, the romance continued. I felt that she wanted to fuck pretty son and I had no issues with a Hairy Asian Fuck by this point in the night. I wanted her. Bad. Getting undressed was no problem at all. Man, so fucking horny that girl was… and so beautiful! That silky hair, those small boobs, that perfect tiny ass… just look at how she gave me that BJ. I could not wait anymore and turned her body to doggystyle and entered my super-hard cock inside of her. Already after a few minutes, some sperm was dripping inside of her… it was just that damn good, guys! But, I just didn’t want to stop there yet, so we continued with her on top and later with me fucking her hard… and creampied her two times more! Just look how she enjoyed it as much as I did.

Sadly, she had to leave quickly afterwards. Her father was waiting for her at home! I would have liked to meet her again tomorrow, but we are all going to Koh Samui… remember, Cat and Luk are waiting for me there!!

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