Married Sex vs Unmarried Sex

  Dec 9, 2016

Married Sex

How important is married sex to your relationship?

Are you hooking up too soon? Should you wait? Does it matter? When you’re married, sex is just a part of your relationship. A very good, very meaningful part of your relationship, but without all the questions about what it means. You can have sex whenever you both want it without weighing whether it’s the right thing to do. Seriously. Whenever you want it.

There’s a lot of stress to sleepovers when you’re single. Having sex at his place means sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, praying that he’s a neat freak and that his bathroom isn’t disgusting and getting up earlier than you normally would to get ready. When you’re married, what’s his is yours, and you know exactly how clean the bathroom is.

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Okay, sure, there might be the occasional awkward moment when he’s lying on your hair or one of you gets a fit of giggles. But those moments aren’t weighted any heavier than anything else you’ve ever done together. There’s an intimacy, a sweetness even, to the awkwardness. It’s something else you share as a couple.

Single women obsess over body hair far more than married women do. It’s not because married women take less pride in their appearance or don’t want to be sexually attractive to their spouse, it’s simply because body hair ceases to be much of an issue when you live together and have sex regularly.

When you’re single, you’re always on the clock. Single women have to take responsibility for their own birth control needs and often don’t feel like they can rely on their partner for support. Being married means you’re on the same team and you share the same goals. And not having to worry about birth control makes sex that much more fun

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