20 year old Indonesian KTV screamer with the right curves.
Duration: 37:05

Dear Diary,

I went back to the KTV in my hotel, tonight. Remember that I went there 2 days ago and did not find a girl to my liking. Tonight, it was different. There was a girl in the lineup that I liked, instantly. A typical Indonesian girl with a nice ass and boobs. I did not need to see her nude first to know what was under those slutty clothes. We talked first and she agreed to do a shoot. I paid the mamasan and took her to my room.

My choice was right. This girl, 20yo Lita, was exactly what I needed today. Horny, willing, big boobs, big ass and a screamer. I can tell you that she loved it as much as I did. Just watch the video, I am sure you will agree with me!

Ok guys, I am going back to the beach area tomorrow. Maybe I gave up too soon in the last week. Got some messages from members saying that there is more to find there, so I will try again. I like the beach area more than Batam city… so why not. We’ll see.