More Thai Teen Sex with Braced-face cutie

(This model was 18 years old at the time of filming)
  May E
  Mar 29, 2017


Dear Diary – Went for a big walk today, first to Soy 7 and then Soy 8, to visit the beer bars. I was hoping to find some girls interested in a shoot. Talked with a few, some are interested but I need to think about it. I want another younger one like yesterday’s Thai Girl Next Door, Named May. I need more THAI TEEN SEX! Of which I WILL get.. I just didn’t know it yet haha. Fast Forward below.

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Later, I then did a beach-walk where there were plenty of MILFs waiting to be picked up… but none were to my taste. Saw some real crazy people, as well. This is Pattaya, after all, but I am just amazed at how many Russians are here now. A lot has changed since I was here before.

As I did not find a new girl to my liking by this time yet, I called May to come over. She was more than happy to do a second round with me. Good girl! Told ya I’d get me some THAI TEEN SEX today, somehow!

Back to hunting in the bars tomorrow. I will shoot inside a gogo, as well.

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