Part 2, Cute Asian Teen Fucked More

(This model was 19 years old at the time of filming)
  Pang C
  Apr 13, 2017


Dear Diary – Here is part two of yesterday’s sordid little Asian Teen Pussy fuck-fest with the delicious Pang. We stayed in the living room as the lighting was nice to shoot there. Got a good BJ and fucked her in different positions. I was as excited then as I was in the first round. My type of girl, guys. I was really very happy with this Asian Small Tits cutie. Just look at her ass in doggiestyle! A great second creampie with this Cute Asian Teen to finish the job!

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Milk had already arrived in the meantime so we just talked while Pang took a shower. Her pussy was toast, after that last creampie. Milk will try to bring me more girls. Hopefully some hairdressers because they are great!

I decided to take a rest for today, after my ordeal yesterday. Fucking is hard work, guys! I will hunt for some more Cute Asian Teen snapper around Lumpini Park tomorrow while I try not to get wet. Yes, it’s Sonkran again. I don’t mind wet with a little lady, if you know what I mean, but just being wet while exploring is not my idea of a good time.

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