Relax, Don’t Monger While Stressed

There is no universality to the human sexual experience. Everybody is wired differently and each of us pursue what interests us in ways unique to ourselves. I wanted to take a moment to provide a little bit of valuable perspective – it could save you from unintended bad consequences down the road.

The first thing is to keep in mind that the women who service men for money are human beings with feelings, histories, memories, and (hopefully) a future. Treating them with dignity, just like you would treat anybody else should be the bare minimum. I never understood people who might hold the door for a stranger, but treat a hot girl that is going to go down on them in a discreet and non-committal way as someone beneath contempt.

The second thing is don’t look to these working women to fill holes in your life that you feel leave you miserable. sex is supposed to be fun. when it isn’t, then you have problems that you need to address outside of the bedroom first. putting all of your insecurities, hostilities, and expectations on someone you don’t know and have nothing invested in is a sure fire way of being disappointed, and in the long run it could be dangerous for you and her.

To keep it short, if you can’t enjoy yourself with another person in an intimate way, you have no business taking in this lifestyle.