Jon does a great job providing variety. Here’s a list of five hot scenarios that I’d like to see him explore next:

1. Japanese Pink Salons

Pink Salons – or BJ bars – are Japanese curiosities that attract many foreign visitors but are primarily used to service local business clientele. Probably difficult to get a camera in, but the payoff would be huge!

2. US College Asian Girls – Lots of Asian girls on the west coast of the US. Perhaps a visit to San Diego or LA would prove better than Jon’s visit to Canada earlier this year. His pickup of the Philippine girl from PA this year was very hot.

3. Vietnamese Barbarshops. Again, street action that’s real and unlike anything you’d see in the west. Jon has a couple of these shots, but I’d love to see more.

4. More hotel maids. The handful of hotel maid videos on ASD are among the best on the site. Seeing a girl in uniform be dirty is a turn on to many members of the site. (As seen in the pic here, Brenda, the Indonesian Maid here on Asian Sex Diary)

5. India. India is part of Asia and light-skinned Indian girls are knockouts. Take a trip to the subcontinent and give us some great Desi footage! Please!!!