Sexy Laos Girl’s Pictures

(This model was 20 years old at the time of filming)
  Apr 27, 2017


Dear Diary – I decided to relax and walk around a little today, always searching for new talents and locations. I forgot to tell you that I had received a lot of pictures from Wiw lately. She’s the Sexy laos Girl that I met almost exact 1 year ago in Vientiane.

We are still texting once in awhile but now she really seemed to be pushing for me to come back and see her. On my previous visit, she was with her family in the province but now she is back in Vientiane. She sent me some pics of her pussy, as well, to push my decision. I think it worked… I am planning to go there again real soon so stay tuned to Asian Sex Diary. Who knows what An has found for me, as well.

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