Pussy is your kryptonite. As kryptonite is to Superman, so is pussy to a man.
From the beginning of time, men have been pussy-whipped by women. Pussy is the reason why Adam disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden. Pussy is why Samson (the strongest man on earth) was defeated. Pussy is why Solomon (the wisest man on earth) lost his Kingdom. Pussy has destroyed many of men’s lives and careers from athletes, to businessmen to celebrities and so forth.

I’m not here to argue the reasons why, whether it’s because of nature or nurture but I am here to offer a solution, a solution based on a woman’s nature.

You see the only thing worse than Oneitis is Onegina, commonly know as being Pussy-whipped.

Sexual Healing – Not only is there hope, but there’s a cure.

The cure for Oneitis… The short answer…
#1. Never, ever place more value on a woman than you do yourself.
#2. FUCK many women (like John does).
#3. Rinse & Repeat.

The cure for Onegina… continue reading.

Sexual Warfare – Oneitis is more of an individual thing, it’s the war within. Onegina is a little bit more complicated.

This is what I call “The Art of (Sex) War.” To win a war, not only must you fight fire with fire, you must be strategic in your approach and execution.

Instead of you getting pussy-whipped, you got to flip the script and whip that pussy. In other words, getting her addicted to your dick or Addicted.

Sexual Strategy

In this 3 part series I’m going to lay out, step-by-step, exactly what this sexual strategy consist of.
There’s an inner game component and an outer game component.

Sexual Language

As you (should) know, women speak more than one language, there’s her emotional language (inner game) and her body language (outer game).

Understanding this natural fact about women will serve as the foundation of our winning sexual strategy.

For example, understanding the basic fact, that all women naturally love attention and are narcissists, one of the best sexual techniques you can use on her, to make her become sexually addicted to you is what I call “The Mirror Technique.”

The Mirror Technique:

Simply, make sure that when you’re fucking her she can see herself in the mirror, while receiving pleasure from you. Subconsciously, it emotionally anchors her to the image she sees in the mirror (YOU), while natural dosages of dopamine (the pleasure chemical) is flooding her brain.

The mirror can be from above the bed or from the bedroom dresser, from the bathroom mirror at home or from a public bathroom in a club (lol), etc… you get my point… and sometimes you may have to get creative and improvise.

On several occasions, I’ve had the girl take out her little powder/makeup case and look into it while I was hittin’ it from behind, Doggy-style. Bamm!!! and she was hooked (addicted)… why, because no other guy dared to have the balls to ever do that to her, much less even think of it.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself, this is part one, the introduction… in part two, I’ll go over the inner game aka Her Emotional Language. Not just what to say to her but how to say it.

One of the keys to getting a woman sexually addicted to you is to first FUCK her mind.

Once the mind is FUCKED, the Body CUMS easily.
(Damn, I can write a whole book on this shit).

In the last part, part 3, I’ll cover the outer game, Her Body Language. You’ll learn things like The Mirror Technique, The G-Spot Technique and others.

That’s enough for right now, but get ready to finally have the tools you’ll need to flip the script in your sexual favor. No longer do you have to be a man who is pussy-whipped but a man who not only knows how to whip it but a man who knows how to (like the song “Whip It” by Devo says) “whip it good.”