A friend of mine has been exploring the Bay Area, with some very interesting results – he had no idea what was available right around the corner! Here’s the first post he sent me:

Sorry I haven’t written for awhile – I’ve been busy with my new hobby. As you know the company has been doing pretty well and a few months ago I got a sizeable bonus. I was considering doing some recreational travelling, but honestly the downside of the company doing well is I’m working like a dog – so there was no time. What to do? I was trolling some “girls” on WeChat (in quotes, because they’re always scams – just a pretty picture but actually being run by some cretin with an internet connection in BeiJing), but one of them had a link to their site on backpage.com. Okay, I’ll bite. I went to the site and suddenly a whole new world opened up. Under “Escorts” or “Exotic Massage”, there were opportunities for Asian Girls InCall happening literally right around the corner from where I work. It’s a bit expensive, but if you’ve got an Asian Fetish like I have, but not enough time to go to Asia properly, it would have to do. Now I knew what I would do with my bonus!

So I gave a call to one of the numbers. They asked a few questions like my age and race, and then texted over an address for me to go to. They told me to call when I got there. The address was literally 5 minutes away. I didn’t know what I was going to get into – was I walking into a trap? Would I get robbed? Or when I got there would the girl actually be a summo wrestler in disguise? I figured it was worth a shot – at least it would be a new experience. Boy was I right!

I arrived at one of the mega-apartments that has recently gone up around my office (the picture gives you an idea of where it was – but all the places I’ve visited since this first time have been more or less the same). I sent a quick text telling the operator I was there. She gave me instructions on how to enter and where to go. I went to the door, but before I could even knock or ring the doorbell it opened. Hmmm – is that a good sign or a bad sign? First surprise was the girl who met me at the door was *actually the girl in the pictures*! She was beautiful! Petite – about 5’2″, long black hair, her breasts were reasonably sized (C-cup) and probably in her late 20s (although the site said 22). She was wearing a bikini that fit her perfectly. She smiled at me and asked me to remove my shoes. Then she took me by the hand into the back room. Watching her ass wiggle as she walked started to get me hard. She then asked if I wanted ½ hour or 1 hour. Definitely 1 hour. She then asked if I wanted to take a shower. I figured it would be respectful to the girl to take a shower, so I did. I undressed and put my clothes on a chair, then walked into the adjoining bathroom and took a shower. She gave me a little cup with mouthwash in it and she used some too. I then went back into the room and laid down on the towel that had been placed on the bed. In my broken Chinese, I asked her name and where she was from. She was surprised to have a white guy speak Chinese. She said her name was Ginny and she was from Shanghai. We talked a bit more. She said she was here for another month and then she wasn’t sure where she was going after that. I laid back down and she started giving me a massage. As massages go, it was pretty good. So I relaxed. I figured if nothing came of all this, at least I got a good massage from a beautiful Asian girl. After a few minutes she told me to turn over. She removed her bikini and laid there naked. What to do?

Well, you know how much I love to give oral sex, so I wanted to see if she would be game. I told her I wanted her to lay down. She did without hesitation. I then knelt between her legs. I was surprised to see she had a small bush down there – it wasn’t shaved at all. I started gently at first, licking all around her vagina trying to gauge what turns her on. Does she like soft lapping at her opening? Does she prefer quick flicks of my tongue? Does she want me to focus on her clitoris – or does she prefer more indirect stimulation? What about pressure? And how about vibration as I’m licking? Or penetration with my tongue? This girl seemed to like direct clitoral stimulation, so I spent time first avoiding her clit to build up the tension, but then focusing on it more and more, lapping at first and then finally with the tip of my tongue, going faster and slower, gauging how close she was to orgasm. I felt her body tense up more and she started to push herself closer to my tongue, so I increased speed and focus, circling, flicking, licking and sucking until she started shaking. With a little more time and attention, I felt the tension building and suddenly she let out a scream and exploded in a wave of orgasm. She pushed my head away, but I stayed between her legs, kissing her thighs and vulva as she enjoyed the intensity rolling over her body.

Sadly, because I was focusing so much on her, I had gone soft. So I came up and laid next to her and held her, while I stroked myself to get hard again. Her breathing went back to normal, and she took over the stroking. I was already hard when she turned to me and asked, “Do you want to fuck me?”. OMFG, did she really ask that? Seriously, I’ve never had a woman ask me if I wanted to fuck her. That simple phrase was such a turn-on, burned into my brain. This beautiful petite Chinese girl asking me to fuck her – what was I to do but comply? “Yes!” Is all I could choke out while struggling not to sound ravenously desperate.

I got up and she laid there, she spread her legs, then reached down and touched my cock. First she put on a condom which she had strategically placed near her. Then she pulled my raging hard-on into her waiting, very wet pussy. The head entered her vagina. I wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt her as I entered. She gasped a little and I looked at her and asked if she was okay. “Good” is all she replied. So I pushed a little deeper. She placed her hands on my buttocks and guided me, giving me the okay to go all the way in. I went slowly at first, enjoying the feeling of my hard cock entering her unknown warmth and wetness. I felt her depths and moved a bit to explore and find what she likes and what feels good to me. I was planking at first so as not to put my full weight on her (I’m not heavy, but she was small). I didn’t want her to feel smothered and I liked to see her face and look at her breasts as they moved with each of my thrusts. My pace quickened. We both start making sounds. Heavier breathing at first, followed by little moans, then faster utterances as I pounded her. She wrapped her legs around me to open wider and allow me to go even deeper. With her hands, she guided the movement and speed. I held her head in my hands and kissed her hair and her face as I felt orgasm approaching. She could feel it as well and rotated her hips a bit to get more pressure on her mound as I pound faster and faster. That was it! Suddenly my body tensed up and I pounded her with abandon, coming deep inside her glorious pussy. Wave and wave of orgasm as I filled the condom with my hot jizz. I continued to move in and out of her very wet pussy, but much more slowly as I could feel myself softening. Then I laughed a bit and smiled at her. She smiled back as I raised myself up off of her. I rolled over and held her for a bit and thanked her for a wonderful time. After a few minutes she asked me if I wanted to take a shower. I did (I was quite sweaty), so I showered off and then came back and dressed. She walked me to the door and gave me a quick, shy kiss and said, “See you next time!”. Most definitely!

So, this was my first. But there have been many others since then. A new hobby that I’m certain I won’t get bored of! I’ve been keeping a diary of my exploits, so I’ll send you some more in a bit.