Arrival in London!

(This model was 21 years old at the time of filming)
  Jun 27, 2017


Dear Diary – Had a very long flight to London and arrived in the morning, totally exhausted. Happy to be in London and ready to slam some pussy here. The good news is that I have been chatting with 2 girls living in London already, two students! Found them on a dating site and decided to talk to them after seeing their profile pictures. One is a Chinese student named Bing and is 21 years old. See her picture with the big boobs. I do love Chinese Girls, so she had my interest. I chatted with her again, too, once I was in my hotel room. She seemed to be OK about meeting me the day after tomorrow. I asked to see more pics of her but she didn’t want to. Maybe a bad sign. The picture she uses is maybe fake, especially when you see how sexy she looks. We’ll see.

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The other girl names herself Sunny (for sure a nickname) and is Russian. She’s also a student living here in town. She has her own apartment and says to have done model work before. She liked the fact that I am a photographer myself (didn’t tell her what type of photography or that it was for Asian Sex Diary, haha). We will chat more in the coming days.

I’ll take a rest for now. See you tomorrow.

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