Hot Italian Teen Sex

(This model was 19 years old at the time of filming)
  Jul 11, 2017


Dear Diary – I had my date with Rebecca this evening. She was only free after work and I found out that she is a hairdresser, of which I found to be super exciting. And guys, she looked so damn sexy in high heels and sexy clothes. What a hot-to-trot Italian chick, my God. I had no hopes, at first, to be honest but she started to get very flirty when we talked about modelling and me being a photographer. Of course she said that she was looking for a serious relationship and etc… but as I told you two days ago on my date with the Hot Russian Blonde, every little angel has a dirty naughty devilish slut inside of her that just wants to get laid.

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When I saw that she got cold, sitting outside with me, I invited her to my apartment to take some pictures of her there. I think she really took me as a serious fashion photographer or something because she immediately agreed to go with me and do a little shoot. So there we went… and I must say that the vibe between us was really special. I could hardly contain myself with hopes of some Italian Teen Sex action and giving you guys an incredible video.

I took immediately my camera and started to shoot, once in my apartment. She just loved to pose and you could see that she had been dreaming of this for a very long time. Must be very boring to wash and cut other women’s hair, day in and day out. I was the right guy, at the right moment, I guess. I played my part, with perfection. Started to touch her more, got her to undress and even got some kisses. The game was on and yes, this girl got so horny because of all of this. She left her good girl behaviour bullshit slide, soon enough. When I touched her pants, they were dripping wet on their own. Just watch how it all quickly escalates from there, haha. What a super hot and horny little Italian teen sex slut she is, my God man!

I must say that this is a trophy that I am VERY VERY proud of. Again, I am giving you a 90 minute video with NO CONDOMS and a DEEP CREAMPIE! Anyone missing the Asian girls yet? haha

By the way, guys, tomorrow is my last day in town! I am going back to Prague. I also have some girls waiting there for me. The girls on dating sites there seem to be even easier…

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