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January 8, 2018


Because John has been pulling off so many hits with white tourists, and other high quality babes like Jennifer, I felt inspired to start up the conversation on my experience with girls and one night stands. As John has proven, you can pull off a one night stand in any environment, even a random OL in a supermarket.

From my experience, I have found that if you are interested in a girl, you cannot hesitate to approach her and strike up a conversation. Regardless of what you say to her, once you hesitate, she will smell a pervert and see through your motives. However, if you are bold and friendly, it will engage the women in to a social game of ping pong.

For myself, this is the hardest part to overcome because it is in my nature to be respectful to women. In my mind I am thinking, “Hi you are so hot, can we fuck?” However, if you put yourself in a woman’s shoes, they are observing people in their environment just as much as you are. If you hesitate even the slightest bit, you are more than likely to come off as nervous, and scripted. This in my experience is a big turnoff to women.

Some methods that I have developed for conversations at a bar is to just do a cheers with the girls and friends that you are interested in. It cuts to the chase and engages the female, along with her friends. There is no cool method of doing it, but if you are at least half decent looking and can engage a women and her friends in a conversation, it camouflages your true intentions and the real game is on.

If you have gotten this far, there is now a 10% chance of you making it to home base. The next step is to take your conversation out of the friend zone and in to the physical zone. Keeping it really simple helps. To me, rule number one is never talk about yourself always talk about the girl. Mention how she looks like a movie star you like, or how her dress really makes her smile stand out. From there, look for anything that she might possibly be wearing that you can actually physically touch and compliment her at the same time. For example, if she is wearing a ring, you gently grab her hand and make up any BS you can think of that compliments her style or how the physical object is a reflection of how amazing she is.

If you have gotten this far, there is now a 30% chance of success. Once you have established that you are not in the friend zone, and a physical touch, it is now your job to try and close the deal. Make a move to have her follow you somewhere by extending your hand. Improvise, say “hey I really want to show you something”. Once you have gotten her comfortable holding hands with you, go for more, try dancing with her and holding both hands. Once you have gotten past that, put your hands around her hips and grind on her. I guarantee you that at this point she is at least moist and thinking about fucking.

By this point, you are showing her a good time, and she is completely comfortable with you, and her friends see that you are there to have a good time, and are not some pervert just looking for a hook up. Congratulations if you have made it to this point because you have now made it “OK” for the girl to let loose and have a good time in front of her friends. You have gained approval, and your chances for success have now sky rocketed to 60%!

At this point, work for a good moment to get a kiss. Like I said before, you have to be bold or else the girl will get the vibe that you are looking for a relationship, or your are giving off “friend zone” energy.

Closing the deal is really hit or miss at this point. Basically, if I can engage a complete stranger to have good time with me, hold my hand, let me caress her, get approval in front of her friends, get a kiss, whats stopping the night from becoming what ever girl in that bar wanted in the first place…to meet a guy to have a good time!!! Why else would they get dolled up, put their best outfit on, put on all that make up and spend all that time making their hair pretty???

In summary, keep it simple. Always keep the focus off of you and on the girl and her friends. Establish physical touch like holding hands as soon as possible. Go for a kiss if you are having a good time. If you can get a kiss, you might as well ask what she is doing later on that night!!!

You will be surprised that more times than not if you ask, they will come as John has proven many times. Sure you will get rejected here and there, but it only improves your skills on how to have fun. That’s the key, you have to be Mr. fun or else don’t waste your time and just fuck a hooker.

I will do another article in the future about failures and success. A good book to read is “The Game” and John’s how to articles if you want to get better detailed insight on scoring with girls for one night stands.

Submitted by Koac16

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