Super Hot Teen Blondie Tiffany Tatum With Delicious Pussy

(This model was 19 years old at the time of filming)
  Jan 4, 2019


Dear Diary – Went for a walk along Soi Nana before meeting my new date, super hot teen Tiffany Tatum, today. I asked her to come to the same Thai restaurant where I also met blonde mistress Vera at last week. She was right on time and I was really amazed at how beautiful this girl was. I knew already that she has been doing hot nude teen modelling and that her friend had explained to her who I am. I also felt quite comfortable getting right to the point with her, since I already had asked her before coming if she would agree to a shoot. This was just going to happen.

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We confirmed it again while we were eating some Thai food and I was so fucking happy and excited, even before arriving in my room. Everything went super smooth there too! We started to kiss while she was still just posing for me. There was some electricity in the air! And guys, is she not the hottest blonde I’ve ever shot and fucked? I just couldn’t keep my eyes and hands off her super hot teen body and super tight delicious pussy. When we where kissing again, I presented Tiffany Tatum with my dick and she instantly started to play with it before giving me such a great blowjob. My God, I fucked this hottie like a wild man! I creampied her, twice. She was so skinny, perfect, sweet and horny… a girl to fall in love with.

When we finished, we talked a little longer and then she left to have a drink with her friends. She promised to come back after that. I hope she will keep her promise!

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