Apolonia Lapiedra – Best White Chick Fuck EVER!

(This model was 25 years old at the time of filming)
  Jul 25, 2019


Dear Diary – So – my big surprise today was of course my date with Spanish pornstar, Apolonia Lapiedra. I have been a fan of hers, for a long time. She has the body of a petite Asian girl with the face of Natalie Portman and some hardcore Spanish passion! When Amira told me, a few days ago, that she was good friends of hers and that she could arrange a date with her, I booked my ticket immediately! Apolonia, real name Samantha, was only free this morning until noon, so of course… I accepted this immediately and got on my way!

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So there she was, indeed, and we had coffee together first. She acted a bit like a diva, at first, but she was sweet and nice after all. Her English was very poor, so we had to use my translator. After our talk, we went to my room to do a shoot and oh boy… what an amazing experience this was! Apolonia Lapiedra is very likely my best fuck with a white chick ever! I would say that you just have to watch this awesome 90-minute video to understand. Caucasian pornstar or not, I am sure even any yellow-fever guy would appreciate this shoot! A hot date like this don’t come by every day, guys!

Apolonia is sleeping over tonight and Amira told me that she has another friend in Barcelona for me… damn, this is becoming a crazy trip!

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