Hot Asian Selfies And Walk In Bandung

(This model was 24 years old at the time of filming)
  Por Ika
  Oct 31, 2019


Dear Diary – Before we get to the hot Asian selfies, I first went for my 1st walk in Bandung, today. I was deeply unimpressed, so far. The streets are dirty, it smells bad and all the girls I have seen so far are wearing a hijab. Luckily, I have a date ready to show me around on this first trip… yes it is that super-hot Asian girl Por Ika. She’s the Indo girl that I met in Prague, with that amazing ass! Congrats for the 5 members that guessed her name! Here’s a treat with her in a few hot Asian selfies (Log in to see). Por Ika has been sending me a lot of pics and even a video when she was working out. That must be the reason for that amazing ass.

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Anyways, we’ll meet the day after tomorrow. I am going to rent a bike tomorrow, to hopefully get a better idea of this city. Stay tuned!

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