Innies And Meaties – Jerry’s Top 10

  Mar 12, 2022


Innie Outie, Jump and Shoutie / Meaty Beaty, Time to Eaty?! So what’s this gibberish all about – rap lyrics for the signature ASD theme song? Perhaps, but more accurately it is a descriptive summary of the vaginal variety of ASD’s lovely ladies. Tron’s girls span the entire spectrum of pussy types. Ranging from teenie tiny camel toe slits to gaping MILFy love caves.

No matter your taste, you will find it here. Hairless innie pussies? Dozens. Hairy snatches with meaty labias? Too many to count. Shaved pussies? Yep. Landing strips? Got ’em. So today, for the sake of compare and contrast, we’ll count down in alternating order ASD’s five best innie pussy scenes and ASD’s top five meaty pussy scenes.


10. Perfect innie pussy Irene B of the Philippines. Let’s get the pussy party started with one of the site’s finest examples of a fresh teen innie pussy, courtesy of the sexy Irene B of downtown Angeles City. She needs to learn how to use it a bit more energetically but that will happen in due time if she elects to follow her current career path. Cute Asian teen Irene B gets Perfect Innie Pussy fucked until creampie
9. Bouncy dark nipples Dear of Thailand. It is only fitting that a babe with one of the site’s biggest set of bouncy tits has a meaty and hairy pussy to match. If you like busty chicks with thick labia, Dear is your dream girl… but take care that you don’t get hit by enormous (and semi-asymmetrical) flying boobs when she does a cowgirl ride, it could lead to a brain injury. Fucking on back with Big Tits Dark Nipples jiggling
8. The Kawai girls of Japan. The only thing better than a teen innie pussy is TWO teen innie pussies. Which is, exactly what the lucky Tron-ster plundered during his wanderings in Tokyo. Hot inviting Asian asses with warm innie pussies in Best Friend Threesome
7. 3some with Lyn C and Monica of Thailand. Let’s keep the threesome vibe going with two MILFy Thai sluts who offer up their meaty MILFy Thai slits to the Tronmeister one crazy night in Bangkok. When the two ladies started arguing over who would get the creampie, Tron – always the gentleman and peacemaker – preserved MILF harmony by dumping the load in Lyn and later giving Monica her own share of splooge in a secret bathroom fuck. Hardcore MILF MFF threesome with Monica and Lyn in Bangkok
6. Tiny Asian sex-pot Puy B of Thailand. Teen hottie Puy became one of Tron’s favorite fucks for awhile and they did several scenes together. A tight innie pussie and her carefully-calibrated blend of sluttiness and innocence are the reasons. Spread legs cowgirl position Tiny Asian Sex position with innie pussy


5. Big ass anal Asian Nan of Thailand. Tron hooked up with this “bored” MILF and together they went on an anal ride of epic proportions. Her meaty pussy got plenty of attention as well – there is a classic sequence at the end where Tron moves freely between pussy and ass, back to pussy, then back to ass, then back to pussy before shooting the jizz into Nan’s thoroughly abused anal cavity. One of my favorite scenes. Spreading meaty pussy side fuck with Big Ass Asian Anal slut
4. Cute Asian maid Asha of Hong Kong. Tron always seems to find an extra gear when an Indonesian maid in Hong Kong opens her legs for him, and his ravishing of sweet little Asha’s tiny innie pussy is a prime example. Cute Asian Maid spread relaxingly on bed showing off nice innie pussies slit
3. Cock loving MILF Felly of Indonesia. Do you remember the nursery rhyme that goes “this little piggy had roast beef?” Well, the piggy was Tron and the roast beef was the thick roast beef-like outer lips of Felly’s meaty pussy. Hanging slabs of meat that got absolutely pounded in glorious POV, six ways to Sunday, by the Tronmeister. Cock-loving MILF with big soft boobs and nice fat round ass gives great BJ and fuck
2. Cute Asian girl Murielle of the Philippines. Oooolala, Pinay hottie alert. Her little cameltoe pussy got destroyed by our boy who showed his gratitude by dropping the load in creampie fashion. Sure hope for her sake that she was taking the pill. Murielle Collage showing Cute Asian Girl Gets Fucked in pussy and poses sexy for camera in panties
1. Hardcore Indonesian sex with Noti of Indonesia. As the lovely Noti wriggles out of her damp panties at the end of a long and erotic pre-fuck striptease for our boy Tron, it looked like she has a classic innie pussy. However, after a five minute pussy-slurping frenzy by the Tronmeister, what at first seemed like an innie had somehow been transformed into a hot meaty mess of swollen purplish pussy lips surrounding what appears to be an extremely tight pink inner sanctuary. The shot of her with legs spread wide open and sucking her own finger while moaning an invitation for Tron to fuck her is an ASD classic that should not be missed. Innie AND meaty. You gotta click to see that one to truly appreciate it Side by side Innie Pussy and Meaty pussy on same girl Noti
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