Multiple Creampies Madness – Jerry’s Top 10

  Mar 25, 2022


Asian Sex Diary is first and foremost a Creampie site. Yes, the site has a fantastic collection of Facial scenes, but most ASD scenes end with a frothy, foaming Creampie — all captured in glorious reality POV action. Today we honor the elite ASD ladies who have had the pleasure — and the privilege — of receiving not just one but MULTIPLE CREAMPIES from stunt dick extraordinaire John Tron, a charming rogue whose thirst for carnal adventure is almost as insatiable as the sexual appetites of his many Conquests.

Gotta give the man credit – over the past 10 years he has shot the jizz equivalent of the South China Sea into literally hundreds of the most exquisite teen and MILF pussies (and assholes) that Asia can offer… and he’s painted a lot of lovely Asian faces too. Better yet, his site offers advice and tutorials on how YOU TOO can pick up hot Asian babes… and then how to film your own Asian sexual adventures in POV fashion.


Super Cute Teen Malaysian Housekeeper Gets 2 Creampies 10) Malaysian housekeeper Osmawani of Malaysia. Let’s get the party started with Tron’s savaging of the sweet and innocent Osmawani, a petite Indonesian maid working in Malaysia. What she lacked in sexual energy was more than made up for by one of the tightest coochies Tron hit in all of 2018. The lurid scene ends with the Tronmeister’s multiple creampies eruptions oozing out of her bruised little pussy.

Milk is horny for sucking cock and gets a mouthrul in this episode 9) Milk of Thailand. A free-spirited young hairdresser rearranges the Tronster’s short-and-curlies one torrid night in the Tropics. Two huge loads of Euro splooge are generously offered as compensation.

Petite Laos Teen pussy oozing massive multiple creampies 8) Petite Laos teen May. Here is a scene where Tron does what Tron does best – lure a barely legal Asian teen into his hotel room, get her warmed up with some model-type posing and a bit of strategic pussy-slurping, then plow her tight teenage crease into orgasmic ecstasy before dropping a jizz bomb into the abused orifice. In this case, two jizz bombs into a seriously battered orifice.

Thick Legs Asian spread pussy open big multiple creampies 7) Thick legs Asian Dee of Thailand/Malaysia. Ever been to Hat Yai, a gritty town on the Thailand/Malaysia border? If not, I highly recommend it because the place attracts naughty girls from all over Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia who can fulfill any man’s every fantasy. Dee is a perfect example – a sexual carnivore who can suck a volleyball through a garden hose. She was able to pull multiple creampies out of our boy Tron before he collapsed in a sweaty heap.

Asian Sex Diary Mia spread wide bald pussy Filipina Creampie 6) Filipina creampie lover Mia – Pinay in Hong Kong. Even if peroxide blonde Asian sluts are not your ideal of beauty, you must admit that Mia combines expert-level sexual skills with a can-do enthusiastic attitude in the bedroom. If you still have doubts, just ask Tron – he dropped three creampies in a single session… and then came all over her grinning face the next day in a sunrise fuck party.


Cute asian girl naked 5) Burmese pussy Pann of Myanmar. I love this scene – super-cute 19-year-old high school dropout goes out to buy a plug of betel leaf chew and runs into our man Tron on the way home. Two hours and two huge creampies later, she is limping into the bathroom after getting absolutely mauled while Tron is on the phone arranging a date with the lovely Zinn, the next girl on our multiple creampies list.

Burmese Sex beauty with big queezed together tits jiggling during hardcore sex video 4) Burmese sex beauty Zinn of Myanmar. Maybe the prettiest girl on the entire ASD site… she certainly thinks so! The Tronmeister shot two enormous creampie loads into her tight teen pussy… he would have shot two more but Zinn had to leave for a fashion modeling gig.

Clothes on Doggiestyle Uniform Sex with Asian Sex Diary Nate 3) Uniform sex eye-candy Nate of Thailand. Tron goes to the Bangkok auto show — no interest in the shiny steel and chrome, of course, but lots of interest in the cute chicks hired to stand next to the shiny cars and smile. Like Nate. After her shift, she takes the grand tour of Tron’s hotel room – and gets two frothing creampies as souvenirs.

Bent over ass ready for multiple creampies 2) MILF Irish of the Philippines. This scene is an absolute gem. After dropping the first load of jizz in Round One, the Tronster did some excellent amateur gynecological work on this horny babe’s MILFy love cavern to draw out the creampie for inspection. Then, after restoring his strength by devouring the Favorite Aphrodisiac of the Philippines (a bag of fried pork rinds), Tron ended Round Two with an even bigger creampie — seriously, when the filthy sex party was over her, pussy looked like a bubbling glacier. The scalding scene features a deep throat BJ with lots of ball-munching and ass-licking on the side. Hair pulling, ass slapping, screaming, finger sucking etc – a true ASD classic.

Cute Asian teen Iris riding cock for 2 creampies and cumshots on pussy 1) Cum lover Iris of the Philippines. Tight tiny teen temptress Iris wins the Multiple Creampies Gold Medal with an energetic and spirited performance. White guys have loved to boff Pinay honeys ever since Magellan and his horny sailors washed ashore in 1521, and cute and horny LBFMs like Iris are the reason why. (Btw, Tron even has a video where he pays homage to these Monger Pioneers by visiting Magellan’s grave in Cebu. He was accompanied by two big tit/big butt Pinay sisters – he fucked one in the ass at his hotel room right after the visit and tit-fucked and creampied the other sister the next day. The ultimate tribute to Magellan and his crew).

At the risk of sounding like a paid flack for the Philippines National Tourist Promotion Board, the Iris and Irish scenes show why PI is a pussy hound’s paradise. Where else can you fuck fresh and tight teen cuties like Iris in the morning and then work out on horny, highly-skilled MILFs like Irish for lunch… when EVERYTHING is usually on the menu. And then do ’em both together in a threesome that night. Long live Pinays!

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