Blonde Asian Model Ready For Sex

(This model was 21 years old at the time of filming)
  Bunny C
  Jan 24, 2024


Dear Diary – I had been chatting with girls on a dating site all day but with no result, so I decided to go eat at the mall at around 7pm. I expected nothing to happen today until I saw a super hot and tall blonde Asian model walking alone in the mall. As she looked a bit fancy, I had no expectations at all and even doubted going to talk with her. But – I still tried as I needed pussy urgently. Once I approached her, she seemed open to talk and even let me take a picture of her. Her name is Bunny, a 21yo Thai girl from Bangkok. She is a university student and model. The more we talked, the more that she opened up, so I invited this blonde Asian model out for a coffee. She told me about her 10 cats at home and etc etc… so I did my move and asked if she would be interested to make some pics in my room. To my big surprise, she said “yes”. That was a good sign but I still doubted that she would go for more.

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I took her to my hotel and there we started to do a hot shoot. You could see that she has done this before, so she might actually really be a blonde Asian model. I also started to flirt and even touched her. She all seemed to be ok for that… but as I met her late and she stayed a long time with me tonight, I really had to cut this episode into 2 parts so that I could already upload the meeting scenes. So, with that, you might already understand that something happened… check that out tomorrow!

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