Hi guys, my name is John Tron. I was freshly divorced (fucked the Filipina maid – oops!), bored with domestic pussy and seriously fed up with western female attitudes… so, I decided to pack my bags, leave the western world and travel the world and fulfill my early-year fantasy of banging as much Asian pussy as I can. Asian Sex Diary was nowhere near on my mind at this point, let alone actually smashing as much slanted snatch as I have… but I became even more hooked on Asian girls. I will never look back. How could I? Girls actually LIKE men and want to please them over here… imagine that?! Soon the idea about Asian Sex Diary was born, or at least the first rendition of such.

Dating Beautiful young Asian women like this when I was 38 years old myself and having 18 year old girls nearly lining up for a chance to “claim” me became an obsession to me. Wheels down… they’re everywhere, man, and I just knew that I had to collect them all!
After some time venturing between different locations, I found myself in love with the Philippines. I mean, you can literally smell perfume and pussy the moment those air plane doors open. It literally felt like home, to me. I began to carve quite a path through the bar districts of AC, Subic and Manila when I was surfing the web one night after carefully inseminating my latest barfine, I came upon a site called Trike Patrol. Instantly, I felt akin to their lifestyles. Just like me, they hammered their way through the Philippines. I couldn’t help myself, I reached out to them and started sending them some of the private videos that I have shot of my Filipina conquests. Before long, I was a regular feature on their site once or twice a month but felt that I had even more to offer to my growing base of followers and fans. So, the plan was concocted, it was time to have my own site and who better to help me achieve that than the guys a Trike Patrol, right?

With the world’s cutest Asian girlfriends vying my arrival and attention in every country, I just knew that I had to share my awe-inspiring journey through pussy paradise with you all.
So, it was done. I launched my first site, Filipina Sex Diary. Daily-updated, 2-3 new conquests (hardcore scenes with new girls, a special trophy collection of my success) and growing like crazy, it took the net by storm by quickly dominating the niche. Holy fuck, I created a monster. I literally film, fuck and document everything… as it happens!

Not wanting to be greedy and keep all my success to myself, I also opened a section within Filipina Sex Diary called “Try It Out For Yourself” where I share all my advice, guides and tips to help shave a decade of discovery off your own adventures, so you can get right to the meat of the never-ending pussy vacations… actually scoring uninhibited pussy with no time to waste! That’s right – I actually authored an extension series of up-to-date guides with maps, prices, hotels, restaurants, bars, barbershops.. you name it.. its there! Some actual members even joined suite and authored their own very detailed success guides… that actually work!

So many girls and so little time in the land of 1000 girlfriends. 3somes, foursomes and even girlfriends bringing me new surprise pussy to fuck… just to get my attention!
Then it hit me, there really are only so many hot Filipina girls willing to be filmed, inseminated and written on with using permanent marker in the Philippines and after taking a visit to Thailand for something new, I decided it was time take this ever-growing monster sex diary of mine and make it global, so I could enjoy every type of Asian pussy that there is out there and present it to you – every fucking day of the year -. So it was done, beginning in 2013, Filipina Sex Diary became Asian Sex Diary.

Now nearly half a decade later and freshly into 2017, there’s still lots of pussy to slay and countries to explore. India? Africa again? A China revisit? Western Asian work camp villages? Who knows where this adventure leads.. but I can guarantee you, you’ll never find another site quite like mine and with the same type of followers that are as crazy about Asian Sex Diary, anywhere.. in any niche. Bottom line: with 400+ unique and exclusive girls, over 2000 updates (and counting, daily), many porn site awards (#1 Asian site on Rabbit’s Reviews) nearly a quarter million photos and an immense active community inside… I am very proud and invite you to join my journey. Live vicariously though me, learn the ropes of my lifestyle.. or just enjoy my smoking hot girls in Full HD video ?

No other Asian site offers half of what I do.

I’ll even teach you how you can live like this, too!



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