Babes & Stunners


Don’t confuse these stunners with porn stars and professional models. These real Hot Asian Babes were filmed right in the middle of Asia on my explicit sordid sex vacation. Your typical attractive Asian girl next door type with a flair for fashion, makeup and sex or the drop-dead sexy bargirls that know exactly how to use their looks to please.

It is hard to fuck a girl like this on the first date when in one’s home country. It’s even harder to get their attention in the first place. But, it’s not like that here in Asia. You easily become the life of their party when you’re a strange traveller with light skin and charm. There’s a reason that us average-looking white men flock here and stay here. We get the Hot Asian Babes with little to no effort!

Follow me on this page as I peruse the streets, scour the malls, comb the beaches and crawl the internet. I find, seduce, strip and photograph Hot Asian Babe then I fuck them all on video for members of Asian Sex Diary to watch.