LBFM (Little Brown Fucking Machines)


If you landed on this page, chances are you already know what LBFMs (Little Brown Fucking Machines) are. If not, lets go through a little crash-course on the matter. Categorically, these types tend to be more of the Petite Asians variety (though, not always) and quite physically active when fucking. They will climb on top and try to whittle your cock down to nothing while trying to cum. While you lay there enjoying the ride. Or, they will be the ones likely to fuck you back just as much as you give it to them in other positions or drop to her knees and blow your mind through the hotel-room ceiling as you get a blowjob of champions.. The old adage “Set her on your cock and let her spin” lends itself as a great description of what a hot and horny LBFM is capable of.

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