As a member of Asian Sex Diary’s growing community, there are a number of extras that you may also enjoy with your subscription. From tips, tricks, how-tos and reviews by the man behind the camera… to articles, guides and trip reports sent in by actual viewers, just like you! Got a big story to share? Need some help learning how to get Asian girls to pose for your own sexy photoshoot? Asian Sex Diary has you covered with all of that but first, lets explore FLIGHTCLUB below.


A throw-back to porn-mags of yester-year, I present to you my brand new Asian Sex Diary FLIGHTCLUB! Yes it’s true, Asian Sex Diary is completely different from any other porn site out there. Not only do you get great hardcore content shot right in the thick of South-East Asia, but I also created a very special section called “FlightClub” for members to post, earn miles (redeem for more bonus content!) and contribute to my massive growing community of pussy-mongers just like you.



Originally a feature from Filipina Sex Diary, the Try It Out For Yourself section has since been fully-expanded within Asian Sex Diary to provide members with product reviews, app reviews, mongering maps, cameras, bar info, pickup methods, tips, how-tos, location info, reviews on sex vacationing resources and even entire series on techniques for recording your sexual rendezvous, Asian girl wisdom and a special member-submitted series titled “Asian Fuck University” that is chock full of time-earned knowledge and much-needed wisdom helping you avoid cultural clashes on your own hunt for unlimited pussy in the land of 1000 girlfriends. Take a look at the tutorial video below to see why the Try It Out For Yourself subsection is an invaluable bonus for all members.